The Frigid Farriers Fall to Mountain City

It was a well fought match in the dreary water-logged grounds of Mountain City. The Farriers’ beloved muckle, Caballo, swung a mighty willow but wasn’t able to out pluck the home team falling 17-8.

Bandit lead Mountain City with six “striker ups” according to the tallykeeper (Mrs. Red Bird) and kept the left scout busy bounding the onion. However, Taco stirred his best stumps and led with 3 aces.

Mountain City looks to take on the fine men of Stones River on 04/21/2018 at 2:30, come out to the Tennessee Riverpark and support your local clubs while watching the stumps stir and the onion hunt a few clouds.

Below you will find Mountain City’s secret weapon “The Fifth Inning” helping keep their garden hands warm.


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