Sarge Aces the Field


The gentlemen of the Mountain City Ball Club loaded up the modern wagons and headed to Spring Hill… a modest trek on foot… 46 hours and 139 mule miles… we arrived… welcomed by the likes of Schoolboy, Slim, and Seamus of the Nashville Maroons. On this day we traveled light, only our uniforms and bats, as the sun would surely take its toll on us. It was high noon when the first onion was hurled in the corn fields of Rippavilla.

Mountain City took an early lead in the 2nd inning with Bandit and Mayor scoring and ace each. In the 4th inning Sarge led off by getting the all elusive 4 bagger, which deserve a Hats off and Huzzah!


The club advances to 5-0 on the season tallying 14 aces to 3….

Unfortunately, our friendly ballist Slim for the Nashville Maroons suffered a broken tibia in the top of the 7th inning… if you wish to support his recovery please follow the gofundme link below:

On behalf of the Mountain City Base Ball Club of Chattanooga, we wish him the speediest of recoveries and hope to have the pleasure of seeing him again in the garden catching a few hands dead against us… but not toooooo many.

We take on the Quicksteps of Spring Hill on June 2nd at the Tennessee River Park!

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