William “Sweet Feet” Bewley

Like his father Mighty Bandit, Sweet Feet was born in the wilds of California. Left in the care of his mother after his father fled to Charleston, Sweet grew up as protector and provider for his family, becoming a skilled hunter using only his bare hands and blinding speed. Tales are told of the many times he used his stealth and quick start to track and catch deer, rabbit and wild boar to provide for his family with his father gone.

     After the untimely death of his mother, Sweet boarded a train bound for the east and his father. Upon reaching Charleston, Sweet found the life of a society swell and son of a scion of the upper crust was not to his liking. Showing no penchant for the life of a stock broker, Sweet became involved in the burgeoning underground abolitionist movement. Bucking the trends of society at the time, Sweet saw the enslavement of any man outside the boundaries of marriage to be a crime against humanity. Living the double life of an upper crust heir by day and conductor on the Underground Railroad by night, Sweet was personally responsible for well over 100 former slaves being spirited to freedom.  Upon his father’s joining the Army of Tennessee, Sweet chose to defy his immediate family’s loyalty to the South and he became a scout for Grant’s Army of the Tennessee, leading to Sweet facing his father on the field of battle during the Chattanooga Campaign.
     Following Chattanooga, Sweet became increasingly disillusioned during Sherman’s infamous and criminal March to the Sea through Georgia. Resigning as Sherman’s chief scout, he reconciled with his father and joined him and the family firm in Chattanooga. He quickly used his skills of cunning and stealth and his lightning speed to secure the anchor of the garden for the Mountain City Base Ball Club. Sweet is widely regarded as the top Center Scout in the game today.