Justin “Wings” Angel

PositionThird Base

Born to a southern debutante and a Chattanooga Judge, Wings grew up in the circles of high society.  Wings, a play off his birth surname, decided to pursue women and whiskey over a career in law.  In 1860, when he  turned 17, he left Chattanooga, Tennessee and headed for Atlanta, Georgia to pursue these two main interests.

He fought for the Confederacy  in 1861, but he preferred clean shirts and soft beds over the misery of the battlefield, and soon finagled his way into a detail “protecting” some wealthy widows in and around  the Atlanta area.  For this he was paid quite well.  In addition he had become a very shrewd gambler, almost always winning at cards.

When he wasn’t wooing his female charges, or playing cards, he was playing the game of base ball, in fact he belonged to the Marietta town team.  In 1863, Wings had to shoot a jealous husband in Marietta, and flee back home to Chattanooga, the Dynamo of Dixie.   Tired of always looking over his shoulder, Wings decided to make base ball his main source of legitimate finances.  He started and Captained the Mountain City Club of Chattanooga, where he currently plays 3rd sacker with grit and determination.

He is currently trying to open a Taproom on Chattanooga’s south side with some of his fellow ballists.  It’s rumored that Wings has numerous female admirers at every match, and he always leaves with the prettiest one who wears the most expensive dress.