Game Results

Hats off and Huzzah!

Hats offHats off and Huzzah! to 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. As always, they are a gracious host… they always help plan a wonderful family friend event full of No spitting, No Swearing, No Gloves, and several actives for the fans.

The rain held off on the 5th of May, Mountain City’s beloved captain, Mathew “Taco” Shelby, enjoyed the day… not in aces… but in celebration of his beloved homelands victory over French forces in 1862.

As for the rest of the Mountain City Club… Will “Sweet Feet” Bewley tallied 4 aces while Nick “Cue Ball” Bosco swung the biggest willow helping 4 ballist cross the dish and ring the bell making even the biggest Chattanooga Choo Choo shed a tear.

It was a great day of baseball, Mountain City advanced to 4-0 on the season besting Lightfoot 18-1.

Mountain City “Tweets” Past Stones River


Springtime graced the scenic city on the banks of the Tennessee River as the mighty men of Mountain City squared off with the the Stones River Scouts, the reigning Sulfur Dell Cup champs.

It was evident early on that aces were going to be a fleeting commodity. Both teams exhibited stout defenses. Luckily, the Mountain City gents were able to push across several runs mostly attributed to the wily wrongsider known as Red Bird (TWEET TWEET).  He’s always a true gentlemen and played a great match. He was awarded, accordingly, with the game ball.

In the field, Cue Ball and Sweet Feet impressed the cranks and Preach showed great hands at the first sack.

The Mountain City Club ousted the Scouts 10-3 helping them move to 3-0.

The Frigid Farriers Fall to Mountain City

It was a well fought match in the dreary water-logged grounds of Mountain City. The Farriers’ beloved muckle, Caballo, swung a mighty willow but wasn’t able to out pluck the home team falling 17-8.

Bandit lead Mountain City with six “striker ups” according to the tallykeeper (Mrs. Red Bird) and kept the left scout busy bounding the onion. However, Taco stirred his best stumps and led with 3 aces.

Mountain City looks to take on the fine men of Stones River on 04/21/2018 at 2:30, come out to the Tennessee Riverpark and support your local clubs while watching the stumps stir and the onion hunt a few clouds.

Below you will find Mountain City’s secret weapon “The Fifth Inning” helping keep their garden hands warm.